Australian Rhodesian Ridgebacks Honour Roll

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Aims of the Australian Rhodesian Ridgebacks Honour Roll

The aim of this site is to provide a reference of the achievements of Rhodesian Ridgebacks in Australia in all fields of endeavour.

Anyone able to supply further information to enhance these pages is extremely welcome to do so - please contact the webmaster via the link above.

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UPDATE  - November 2011: ANKC had put a freeze on supplying data that was finally lifted in late October this year.
                    The site has now been updated to match the data supplied to me 20 October a including the addition of
                    new titles within the Performance arena.
                 - 1 April 2009: Influential Sires & Dams corrected and completed from ANKC records
                 - 3 April 2009: Full list of Australian Champions added to the site
                 - 3 April 2009: All Performance lists updated against ANKC records
                 - 23 May 2009: Canine Good Citizen award added to Obedience listings.
                 - 31 Aug 2009: Track and Search Dog titles added to Tracking listings.
                 - 2 Sept 2009: Dances With Dog page added.
                 - 14 March 2010: Apologies for being so long away from the site but the death of my mother somewhat
                                             changed my priorities for awhile. Can't say I'm 100% back into it but I am finally nudging
                                             in that direction. I have at last published the Imports page (very rough and ready and
                                             extremely incomplete but it is a start). Hopefully the Exports page won't be very far behind.

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